Pink Grouse Wall

Hello! At Quirk Hotel in Charlottesville a new way to purchase art and take it home immediately has debuted and I am lucky to be one of the first artists featured along with Kelly Seeber and Aimee Joyaux. This wall leads to the fine dining restaurant, Pink Grouse, within Quirk Hotel. The art will be on display until October 31, 2023 or until it sells. Check out the pieces on the Quirk Gallery – Charlottesville App.

Available Work – Quirk Gallery Charlottesville

Pink Grouse Wall at Quirk Hotel Charlottesville, VA, “You Are Beautiful” by Aimee Joyaux

My “Color Collaborations” series translates some of my digital work experiences into paint on transparent film and paper. The works resulted from a lot of trial and error and ultimately a collaboration with the process through collage. The background colors were changed many times while I experimented with how the color interacted with the top layers of transparent media.   

Also included in this Pink Grouse show is work from my “Women” series which is a subject that I return to again and again. When I need a break from my thoughtful abstract paintings, I draw faces. Mostly from my imagination and sometimes sketchbook inspired. These are just for fun and the ending portraits usually surprise me!

Pink Grouse Wall in Quirk Hotel – Charlottesville, VA, middle two pieces by Kelly Seeber