New Work Showing in September

acrylic painting in cool colors on transparent substrate by Carol Barber

Curator’s Choice: A Dual Exhibition with Carol Barber + William Bennett

Upon transitioning to a home studio, my work evolved into using acrylic paint because of its faster drying times. The nature of the acrylic paint and different Golden brand gel mediums opened up many new layering possibilities. As I continue to use paint as a medium, the digital art that I did early in my career still influences me. This manifests through experimentations with materials and layering of paint. My latest work involves painting directly on transparent substrates and suspending acrylic paint on top of clear acrylic gel. These methods present unique layering techniques all my own. September 6 – 27, 2024, I will be showing with the sculptor, William Bennet, in the Dové Gallery at Second Street Gallery. My new work will include paintings on clear Dura-lar film. The colors in the paintings represent memories of closely watching blown bubbles as a child. Paintings on wooden panels with colors representing carnival rides at night will also be in the exhibit. Looking forward to sharing “the carnival” paintings in the coming weeks!

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