Painting on Transparent Surfaces

Three decades ago I began my professional career as a digital artist. While working on the computer, I strived to make art as natural as possible by incorporating transparent layers of photographed texture and scanned marks. When I went to graduate school, I wanted to move away from digital tools and return to the process of mark making by hand that I experienced as a child. However, my thinking about working in digital layers never left me even after twenty years of painting in acrylics and mixed media. The reintroduction of transparent substrates with my gestural work reflects my experiences living in our modern times. Painting on clear acrylic sheets is a tangible expression of my thoughts of traversing between the digital and physical worlds. It also creates an artwork that continues to mix realities as it interacts with the environment through reflections, shadows and allowing surroundings to show through the piece. Quirk Richmond link to pieces on view now in the Pink Gallery of Quirk Hotel, Richmond, VA until March 2023.

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