Sketchbook Project

For some reason I find it hard to write an artist statement. One hopeful outcome of the 100 day project will be that I solidify my direction. I am drawing or painting an abstract beside a face in my sketchbook everyday. I am on Day 44 and I can now say that I am not working towards portraits with the face side. My goal with the faces is to visually represent a facet of the human condition such as thoughts, connections and the spirit. On the abstract side, I have learned to be bold, direct and simple. I have found success with a reaction process in which I start with a mark or color and work intuitively by adding and taking away. I have found collage to be extremely helpful. I don’t know if the creative process and the guiding words I say to myself such as: “resistance”, “balance”, “contrast”, “counter point” and “shapes” are enough of a statement or not. I have grown to love the interplay, the dance with the art, it is composing. Do you need more reason than that? #barbersidexsideLast Import - 7 of 7

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